OK so me and Project Sock from Assembled Creatively have a major announcement that we are excited to share…….about two weeks ago Project Sock came up with the awesome idea of having one of those make your own adventure stories where readers (you guys) will be able to pick the direction or way that things happen to characters. The full, full details are not fully worked out but the general idea has been worked out between me and Project Sock and it is awesome and to give you the most general idea about what it will be about: it’s about clones, saving people and best friends and that’s all I will tell you…..for now. So what do you think; does it seem exciting or not? Comment below on your thoughts!


8 thoughts on “MAJOR NEWS!!!

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      • I use my actual name on everything else so yeah. Don’t really care. Actually, I think the Blogger name should actually be Assembled Creatively. Huh.
        But hi there people! My name is Vyas! I like pie! I don’t like cats! Wait just one week, and you’ll get the first chapter! I’d like to know… what are you expecting/excited for/want to see in this crossover of brilliant minds!


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