Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Okay so first off, hello everyone and second off OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got the Liebster Award – an award for blogs who have 200 followers or less – thanks to the wonderful Sunburnt Back (I don’t know if I can reveal her name so I’ll just go with her awesome blog name!)!!! Congrats to you and thank you as well! And now for her questions (which will be pretty tricky to answer since I’m a pretty private person):

  1. What is your opinion of hand dryers? I love them and really want one for my own
  2. What are three places on your bucket list? Paris (France), Italy and L.A.
  3. Are you chalk or cheese? Well, I’m not very sure what you mean by that but if you are talking literally, well I like cheese.
  4. What is your favourite mode of transport? Airplane or bus
  5. If you were President or Prime Minister of your country, what would you change? The fact that there are people and animals in this world who are homeless.
  6. What decor would you have in your ideal bathroom? I don’t know. That’s a toughie. I don’t really know…..
  7. Are you a tea or coffee person? I don’t really drink either – I do not like coffee at all and I don’t usually think to drink tea – I usually drink water or milk but between the two, definitely tea.
  8. What is on your bedside table? A bunch of random things including a couple of magazines
  9. What were doing two hours ago? I think riding my bike
  10. Are there any words in spoken English that you want abolished? All curse/swear words
  11. What would your ultimate theme be for a fancy dress party and what would you wear? Hmmmm. My theme would be Dress like a Book Character and I would probs wear what Hermione Granger wore to the Yule Ball.

 Now for my questions:

1) What is your favorite book or series right now?

2) If you travel anywhere would it be to a who or to a where?

3) Who would it be if you answered who or where would it be if you answered where?

4) Who is your favorite Marvel superhero?

5) Why do you like to blog?

6) Who is your favorite Disney princess?

7) Who is your favorite actress?

8) Who is your favorite book character?

9) In response to number 8, why?

10) If you have a million dollars, what would you do?

11) What would be your advice to someone who is starting to blog?

The nominees are:

Purely Mad

A Note From Jenn

A Boisterous Life

The Fandom News

Nikki Young Writes

And the finale; 11 true yet also probably vague things about me:

  • I am scared-ish of dogs and there is only one dog that I love (no, it isn’t mine)
  • I can read books inhumanly fast (I once read a 900 page-ish book in a day)
  • I am soo happy I joined WordPress and I am loving every minute of it
  • I am that person who, if they had their way, would always eat cake
  • I believe in Marie Antoinette’s literal meaning of let us eat cake
  • I do not like being cold
  • My favorite thing other than reading is to listen to music and pretend I am an international pop star
  • While doing the above, I do not sing into a hairbrush or a toothbrush, I just sing…..
  • I still watch Disney and am pretty disappointed that some of my favorite tv shows ended or got taken off
  • I love soccer but haven’t been able to play it lately
  • I wish I was a spy

And that’s it. Thank you again to Sunburnt Back for the award! And congrats to all those who I just nominated! Tata for now and MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! Ahhh! I love that!


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