What Do You Look For In A Book Blog?

Would like to know this for this blog too…..

These Little Words

As book bloggers and readers of book blogs, we all share a common interest and I’m sure we all look for pretty similar things when it comes to reading a blog – great content, an attractive site, and things that interest us on a personal level.

Today I am thinking about that last thing in particular. We all love books, but we all have different tastes, sometimes dramatically so. This can be in terms of genre and the types of stories we like, the type of writing we like, and the types of issues and themes that we not only like to read about but also like to write about and discuss with our fellow book-lovers.

The writing and the discussion are what we do as bloggers, and I personally adore it. But I want others to have fun too, especially when they are visiting my blog. So, I am…

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