Hex Hall and Better Off Friends


Hola everyone! So first off, sorry about not posting for a while….I was really busy. Okay, so onward. So I read Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg and I also read the Hex Hall trilogy and its novellas and I loved them! With Better Off Friends, I absolutely loved the idea; a girl and a guy who are best friends yet everyone they should/are more than that (something that has happened to me, surprisingly, alot). It’s by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Eulberg, and it definitely did not disappoint; the writing and insight into the characters was fabulantastic as usual. There was romance, problems that happen to everyone and some more awesome spoiler-y things that I can’t tell you about. It was just a really great read that you should read too, even guys – half the story is told from the guy’s perspective and the other half is told from a girl’s which means you may get that glimpse into how the girl’s/guy’s mind works. Anyways, next I read the Hex Hall trilogy and its (so far) 2 novellas. I have reread the trilogy before but haven’t read the novellas so it was exciting to fall back into a world I loved so much and experience new things as well. The trilogy was AH-mazing as usual; there was a lot of action, romance, alot alot alot of supernatural which was the best! The novellas were also great; A Very Hexy Valentine, though being 8 pages (unfortunately), was awesome as it gave a glimpse into what happened after the trilogy ended. I want(ed) more though! With School Spirits, it was a kind of novella that was more like the first book in a spinoff series from the trilogy, which I haven’t really seen/read before from my favorite authors (except Rick Riordan) so I absolutely loved that Rachel Hawkins (the author) did another book. It was great seeing familiar characters though the plot line is shocking only because it is (I’m really trying not to spoil it so forgive me if it sounds weirdish) like aghhh I can’t explain it. A main character that you know from the trilogy is missing and another character has to go somewhere unfamiliar.  Anyway, it was fantastic and I’m craving for more so read it! I guess that’s it. Well, sorry again for posting really late (sorry!) and hopefully another post will be up soon which will contain a surprise! K, tata for now!

Rate BOF: 99/10

Rate trilogy: 99/10

Rate AVHV: 9.56/10

Rate SS: 15/10

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