Top Ten Romantic Songs to Listen to While Reading

Hola world! So I wanted to do a little follow up on the top ten romantic books I’ve read with top ten romantic songs to listen to while reading which again is not in any specific order. These songs may not fully be like Romeo & Juliet – esque but these are still what I think are the most romantic. So here it goes, here they are:

  1. So Close from the movie Enchanted
  2. A Whole New World from the movie Aladdin
  3. Angel by Shaggy
  4. Everything About You by IM5
  5. Let Me Love You by Mario
  6. I Believe In Love from the movie Mirror, Mirror
  7. Fairytale by Alexander Rybak
  8. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
  9. Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
  10. So This Is Love from the movie Cinderella

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