I read too many books for one post: part two

Hello again…so this a continuation from the last post as also shown above. So as I said before, I read the Masque of Red Death series by Bethany Griffin, which were some pretty good reads. The first book, Masque of the Red Death was a pretty good. It took me a couple of chapters to get into it but by the time I was done with the book, I could have been interviewed by McDonald s – I was lovin’ it. (funny, eh?) Anyway all in all it was pretty good. There was adventure, fun, romance (there was a bit of a love triangle), surprise, deception and death – all in all in a great book. I can’t pick a favorite character and also don’t ask me if I’m Team Will or Team Elliot; they are both awesome. So, moving on, I read the half book that comes after the first book, Glitter & Doom, which is about how Kent and April met and what happened next. It was awesome (a bit boring in the beginning though) since one of my fave characters is/was April, I very much liked it.  The next book I read was Dance of the Red Death which was also as good – the series was just great in general. There was great writing, great characterization and everything was timed out very well. The only thing I was confused about was the timing because it seemed like it was set both back when the bubonic plague raged on and also in the maybe future….I don’t know but the date setting was kinda confused. Anyways that’s pretty much it, tata for now!

Rate MOTRD: 10/10

Rate G&D: 9.5/10

Rate DOTRD: 9.78/10


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